*Plus cost of space. Usually ranging from $20-$60/hour


If you are having a hard time picking a song, are unsure of what you want your first dance to be, or if you know exactly what you want, this time will help me work with you to find a dance schedule that will work for your timing, style and budget needs. This service can include anything from a full choreographed song for  a couple or larger groups, song selections, and even lessons for daddy-daughter/mother-son dances. The price of the consultation is more of a down-payment and whatever further services you purchase will be balanced with this.


One & Done  

One two-hour session to get through whatever you need for your first dance even if you are only a week out from the big day. We'll go through your song and polish your sways and add some dynamism with simple turns, dips and maybe even a lift. Designed to make you both feel confident dancing together so you can thoroughly enjoy your first dance from start to finish.